Alkkemist is an innovative ultra-premium quality gin distilled in Spain. All gin makers have their own secret combination of herbs and spices but very few managed to reach such a well-balanced bouquet with no less than 21 botanicals.

The traditional Juniper mingles with rather exotic scents such as samphire, sage, verbena, thyme, fennel, angelica or cardamom –to name but a few- to give a unique and distinctive personality to this Mediterranean nectar.

This thrice distilled grain spirit produced in traditional copper alambics followed a very strict methodology. Indeed, the distillation stage occurs only when the moons’ influence is the strongest (that is only 12 times a year). Then Muscat grapes are added to give a sweet and floral note to a bouquet gin’s lovers won’t forget.


“A Mediterranean delicacy with a touch of mystery”

Alkkemist Gin