Bache-Gabrielsen is a fourth-generation family-owned Cognac House based in France producing super-premium artisanal products. Building on a 110 years-old tradition of excellence and quality initiated by its Scandinavian founder Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen, this award-winning house uses ancestral know-how to produce innovative Cognac.

In 2016, Bache-Gabrielsen introduced itself to the US market with a first-of-its-kind eau de vie: the “American Oak Cognac”. Blending traditional distillation process and 6 months aging in casks oak casks from Tennessee, this combination brought a unique French-American twist to Cognac.

The brand’s portfolio does not fail to impress the community of experts. Since 2011, Bache-Gabrielsen fine Cognacs has won 29 awards in International and Interstate Spirits competition.


“Cognac is undoubtedly the epitome of elegance and luxury, and few names are held in such high esteem within the international spirits community as Bache-Gabrielsen”.

R. Plotkin - American Cocktails

Tre Kors

Natur & Eleganse VSOP

BG American Oak

Natur & Eleganse XO