Pink and Pure Provence

Provence does not only owe its reputation to the French Riviera. This area located in the South of France is also known as the cradle of the best rosé wines in the world.

Produced in the heart of Provence, Pink offers a range of high quality wines representative of the diversity of appellations and unique terroirs available in this region.

Crafted by Pure Provence, Pink wines are the results of carefully selected grapes sustainably grown and skillfully processed in state of the art facilities. Advanced wine technologies allow Pure Provence to perform the grape pressing and wine transfer processes in an oxygen-free environment which preserves the intrinsic properties and qualities of each vintage.

This blend between iconic terroirs and modernity yields well-balanced flavorful rosé wines with distinctive palate and a light pink color which can stand any kind of dish and occasion.


“Care, craftmanship and commitment to better serve our customer”.

Pink Butterfly

Pink Gecko