Château de Malle

For the last three centuries, the earls of de Bournazel have owned Château de Malle, vineyards of the world renowned Grand Cru Classé as well as classified monument located at the heart of the prestigious terroirs of Graves and Sauternes. Keeping the ancestral tradition of wine making in a stunning estate of 50 hectares, the de Bournazel family bears a limited production of exceptional exceptional wines: Château de Malle Grand Cru classé Sauternes and M de Malle Graves Semillon Blanc.

Château de Malle produces indeed an awarded graves white wine as well as a highly-regarded Grand Cru Classe of Sauternes, the sweetest wine of the Southwest part of France.

Making Sauternes is a waiting game that very few estates masters as Château de Malle does.

For the Grand Cru Classé Sauternes, the grapes of sauvignon blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle can only be harvested when they are ripened to perfection to reach the highest level of sugar concentration. The molding process relies on two combined factors: the development of a microscopic fungus, called Botrytis cinerea or “noble rot” and specific levels of humidity. This delicate combination found in the Sauternes region engenders a rare wine with multilayered flavors and complex aromas that can’t be reduced to its sweetness.


“Since the mid 80s Château de Malle has been producing wonderful wines which displays considerable intensity as well s marvelous purity of fruits.”

Berry Bros. & Rudd.

Image of a bottle of M. de Malle.

M de Malle

Bottle of Sauternes with a vivid honey color.

Château de Malle – Sauternes