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With strong roots in our region and a contemporary vision that values our traditions and environment, we create, build and deliver innovative and durable brands that enhance the world of French spirits.  At Maison Villevert, we work in the present while anticipating the future.

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet


Distilled, infused and crafted in France, JUNE flavoured gins collection comes from G’Vine gin, the unconventional French gin made from grapes. Luminous and joyful, JUNE Royal Pear & Cardamom is the promise of shared pleasure on a sunny day. 
The natural sweetness of pear combined with the spicy delicacy of cardamom reveal the freshness of G’Vine gin. JUNE flavoured gin offers a fresh and vibrant choice right in the booming flavoured gin category.

JUNE Royal Pear & Cardamom Gin is a natural and vibrant creation made using G’Vine gin - the unconventional gin made from grapes infused with pear and cardamom. 
The delicate and aromatic cardamom from the heart of G’Vine botanicals is intensified to highlight the freshness of the summer pear for a perfectly balanced taste.
Enjoy JUNE Royal Pear & Cardamom with ginger beer in a bright and fruity JUNE Mule or with your favorite premium tonic water.

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