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Just like rock ’n’ roll, Armagnac is an attitude about life: maladjusted, passionate, unashamed, and soulful at the same time. Brazenly resisting the passage of time, this spirit remains not only the oldest, but also arguably the most authentic in the world.

VS - Grand d’Or
VSOP- Grand d’Or

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“A legend says that when God created the earth, he forgot a small corner of Gascony, which made him very sad. A tear ran down his cheek and when it fell to the ground, it formed the region of Armagnac.”
— a local saga -

The Société Produits d’Armagnac, home of Marquis de Montesquiou and Comte de Lauvia, was founded in 1936 by Pierre de Montesquiou, a politically ambitious Armagnac merchant and co-founder of the Confrérie des Mousquetaires de l’Armagnac.


This company of brokers spread the word and promoted the Armagnac eau-de-vie around the world thanks to the internationaldiplomatic relations that Pierre de Montesquiou maintained with
various embassies. The Montesquiou family has been firmly rootedin the soil of Gascony since 1040. Its most famous descendentis Pierre de Montesquiou d’Artagnan, a musketeer who served
Louis XIV for more than 40 years and was eventually made aMarshall of France. French novelist Alexandre Dumas used himas the basis for the like-named character in The Three Musketeers.
In 1965, the Société Produits d’Armagnac was bought by Pernod,which planned to develop an Armagnac site that would encompass everything from vineyards to bottling. In the course of these
endeavours, the Château de Campagne d’Armagnac and its 90 hectares of vineyards were purchased, and a still affectionately known as “La Casserole” was moved to its new location.

In order to further centralise activities while expanding capacity, new premises including a one of a kind chai by the name of “La Cathedrale” were built and put into operation in Eauze in 1975. The design of the new site was led by the renowned Patrix office, whose approach to transforming the industrial environment and aesthetics through the targeted use of colour can still be seen in Eauze today.

In 2021, Alexander Stein bought a majority stake in SociétéProduits d’Armagnac with the aim of restoring Marquis de Montesquiou to its former glory (and perhaps beyond).
Known for founding the gin brand Monkey 47, Stein comes from the traditional German brandy dynasty Jacobi 1880, of which he is also the brand owner. 

It appears that more exciting things are in store for the house of Marquis de Montesquiou!

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