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Domaine du Coquerel is a family distillery founded in 1937 which produces Calvados, an aged apple brandy from Normandy, a Northwest region of France. Calvados is a protected appellation that labelled liqueurs produced from specific local apples’ varieties under strict rules. As Cognac, it’s recognized as one of the world greatest brandy.

The Coquerel Estate controls and masters all stages of their on-site production, from the orchards to the distillery and from the aging cellars to bottling. At the cross-road between a tradition dating back to the 16th century and today’s technology, this vertically integrated process insures only premium liqueurs of high standards are brought to the market.

Celebrated in France as one of the best Calvados cellars and distributed in more than 20 countries around the world, Domaine du Coquerel has been awarded over a hundred times for their excellence and unprecedented know-how.

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