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Bieszczady Mountains are perceived as the most untouched, wild region of Poland (UNESCO geographic region).Locally grown on small farms noble wheat gives the vodka its velvet-sweetness and remarkable subtlety of taste, which is crowned with a pleasantly warming finish.
Wildlife is part of the brand’s DNA. From the very beginning, we were proud of our origin and the fact that we obtain wheat from one of the cleanest regions of Poland and we contributed to the protection of wild animal species.
Today, going a step further, we want to introduce the consumer to the world of simple rules that inspire people living in the city and help them develop at all levels, taking advantage of the nature that surrounds us in the city - parks, rivers, beaches. We will inspire people with nature, help to experience it every day, and we will continue to protect it together, so that you can feel the Bieszczady in the city for as long
as possible.

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