Trois rivières

Trois rivières is located on the French-Caribbean island of Martinique, renowned amongst spirits’ connoisseurs for producing the best Agricole rums in the world. The distillery benefits from an exceptional geographic location and an history bound up with rum-making. Its long and established method of production bears remarkable products with distinctive depth and aroma.

Indeed, this legendary distiller, dating back from the 19th century, produces “Plantation Rum” also called “Rhum agricole”, a spirit distilled from fresh, pure cane juice grown on the estate which gives the final products an earthy aroma.

Trois rivières offers premium rums with a wide range of flavors and profiles depending on their ageing period and method

“Trois rivières is a jewel of agricole rhums”

Speciality Brands – UK

White Rum

Cuvée Ocean

Ambre Rum

Cuvée du Moulin

Reserve special

Close-up of a bottle of 1999 Millesime rhum.

Millesime 99