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Azaline Vermouth is hand-crafted in small batches by Gabriel Boudier, a family-owned company established in 1874. Surrounded by the vineyards of Burgundy, they use skills & knowledge handed down from generation to generation to create drinks of rare quality. Over 100 years of searching the world for the finest herbs, fruit & spices has enabled Gabriel Boudier to reach even the most remote corners of the world. The result is an unparalleled library of flavors, like the saffron in Azaline Vermouth, sourced from the legendary saffron fields of north-east Persia.


Capturing the essence of a flavor is a skill that only experience can provide. Gabriel Boudier combines tradition with innovation, and distillations with infusions, to ensure each herb & spice in Azaline Vermouth retains its fresh, natural flavor. Steeped in the heritage of Burgundy wines, Gabriel Boudier have used their knowledge of the local Burgundy grape, pinot noir, to create Azaline Vermouth. Young Pinot Noir grapes bursting with fresh red fruit flavors have been blended with herbs and spices leading all along the ancient Silk Road, enriched with saffron and laced with a herbal bitterness.

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