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Boomsma is an independent family-owned distillery which produces award-winning artisanal Dutch Genevers (the gin’s forerunner) as well as Bitters since its foundation in 1883. The company, run today by the fifth generation, crafts a wide range of spirits while keeping the family tradition and centuries’ old recipes alive through their flagship Friesland spirits.

The Boomsma “Jonge” and “oude” Genevers are still produced according to the process and principles set by Dirk Boomsma, the company founder. The blend of grain alcohol, malt wine, corn wine, botanicals and juniper distillate gives those spirits their rich and original flavors.

The Beerenburger, a tincture of 11 herbs (some of them still part of the family secret), has been prepared using the same distilling method for 130 years. This full-bodied beverage displays notes of licorice, gentian, juniper berry, laurel and a smooth, yet bitter authentic traditional finish. It is enjoyed neat or on the rocks and makes a perfect topper for crafty cocktails.

Boomsma Oude Genever 5 years pack shot.jpg
Boomsma Oude Genever 1 year pack shot.jpg
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