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With strong roots in our region and a contemporary vision that values our traditions and environment, we create, build and deliver innovative and durable brands that enhance the world of French spirits.  At Maison Villevert, we work in the present while anticipating the future.

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet


Authentic celebration of the unconventional, G’VINE inspires those who dare and innovate.
G’VINE truly embodies the creativity and the modern French ART DE VIVRE.
Just 15 years aflter its launch in 2006, it became the world’s third super-premium gin*. A multiple international competition prize-winner, G’Vine is a forerunner of the rise of premium gin in the 21st century. Such qualityand recognition stems from the use of grapes, which provide a smooth and full mouthfeel, along with grape flowers, which are delicate and fresh. The combination makes G’Vine resolutely modern and seductive, and it is now considered
the epitome of elegance in the gin world.


Grapes are the perfect canvas to enhance the complexity and smoothness of the 10 botanicals of G’Vine.
Among these, a precious ingredient:
the vine ower that embellishes the vineyard with its delicate fragrance only a few days a year. The essence of this hand-picked ower and those of aromatic plants are then assembled in a single copper still, dubbed Lily Fleur.
This ultimate distillation brings G’Vine freshness and unparalleled roundness.

G Vine Floraison
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