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Trois Rivières Rhum Blanc Reviewed

Trois Rivières appears in "Good Spirits News" and gets reviewed:

Trois Rivières, a pioneering, centuries-old rhum agricole from the Caribbean isle of Martinique, is now available in the United States. Awarded the coveted Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC), a protected domination of origin currently reserved for only a handful of municipalities in Martinique, in 1996,Trois Rivières today produces a wide variety of aged and unaged rhum agricoles previously unavailable to American consumers. These include Trois Rivières Blanc, Trois Rivières Ambré, Trois Rivières Cuvée du Moulin, Trois Rivières VSOP Réserve Spéciale, and its flagship Trois Rivières Cuvèe de L’Ocèan, a blanc agricole made from cane grown in shallow sea water on a single plot of land, resulting in a true sense of terroir.

Martinique’s oldest plantation, founded in 1660, Trois Rivières has always been a beacon of excellence in the world of sugar production, and later, cane-based spirits. Its name is derived from the three rivers – the Bois d’Inde, Oman and St. Pierre – which border the 1,700 acres of land overlooking the Caribbean Sea, and it is this particularly warm microclimate, home to magnesium-rich clay soil, that gives the rhums of Trois Rivières their rich and distinctive flavor.

Unlike more common industrial rums produced from sugar byproducts, Trois Rivières rhums are made using freshly pressed juice from its estate grown sugar cane, and without the addition of molasses or supplemental flavoring agents. Produced in a single, 22-level copper column still, all of Trois Rivières’ aged rhums spend a minimum of three years in oak casks, and leverage the intensely warm climate to create a finished spirit equivalent to a much older whisky or Cognac without a decade-long wait.

Trois Rivières Blanc (100 proof)

Visual: Clear. Nose: Agricole funk, with a clean and grassy scent. Some vanilla and butter notes as well. Taste: Crisp minerality with a fine boost of high proof rum flavor. Some of the more vanilla aspects move in at the tail end of the tasting. Quite flavorful and balanced. Finish: Long with the cane flavor marching on for several minutes. This is a rum that stays with you. Overall: An excellent rum for tiki and faux tropical drinks. This will cut through and stand up to any fruit juices you throw at it. The body is rich and welcoming. GSN Rating: A-

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