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With strong roots in our region and a contemporary vision that values our traditions and environment, we create, build and deliver innovative and durable brands that enhance the world of French spirits.  At Maison Villevert, we work in the present while anticipating the future.

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet

Excellia Tequila-black.png

Excellia is a 100% pure agave tequila, hand-crafted according to authentic tradition in the region of Los Altos. Its double ageing in Sauternes casks and Cognac barrels gives it a unique character. The young wood of the Sauternes casks rapidly grants elegant, sweet and fruity notes on the tequila, while its ageing in Cognac barrels – already used for over twenty years to hold renowned Cognacs – slowly releases their rich and complex aromas. When they are mature, both types of tequila are blended to create the Excellia range, bringing elegance and sophistication to the category.

1- Excellia Blanco.jpg
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